Friday, February 13, 2009

Hanna Reaches the Big Time

My wonderful, mature 9-year old daughter, Hanna, is accomplishing feats that some kids only dream of. This past week Hanna was able to check off two more accomplishments. First, she was selected to have a piece of art she created in school displayed at the Howard County Public School Art Show as part of the Artists Inspiring Artists: A Painting Exhibition. The below piece, originally titles Winter Moss Court, was done in water colors and shows us how Hanna and her brother, Jacob, enjoy life on Winter Moss Court. Her painting will be on display until March 10th, so feel free to stop by and enjoy.

Following her art display, Hanna took to the ice to particpate in her first Ice Skating Competition at Bowie Ice Arena. As a member of the Piney Orchard Blue Belles, Hanna had to perform two difficult skills (unfortunately, I don't know their names) for the crowd in attendance. Hanna and her team scored a third place victory. It will be only a matter of time before she starts bringing home gold medals (I just know it).

I promise to try and get some Jake video as he deserves some face time as well. Have a Happy Valentine's weekend.

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lemony said...

Way to go, Hanna! I love your painting, it is so serene. And you make ice skating look easy. Awesome job!