Friday, April 17, 2009

A little late

Sorry this is a little late, but enjoy this link.

Pay special attention to the "Medical Miracle" story. Brought a tear to my eye.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Holiday Traditions

No matter what the holiday, every family seems to have a small tradition that makes their experience unique when compared to other families. For the Kavalskys, this involves gambling during Passover. Let me explain.

During Passover, the afikomen (middle piece of matzah from the seder) is hidden. The children at the table are then tasked at the end of the meal with finding this. As the Jewish tradition goes, whoever finds the afikomen is supposed to sell it back to the hider. In our family, after the afikomen is found, everyone gets $1 bill from my dad. No matter how old or young, you get $1 bill. Now, here comes the fun part. We play Blind Man's Bluff where you have the chance to double or even triple your winnings (or lose everything you came with). The object is to guess how many of a particular number are on all of the serial numbers for the dollar bills in the game. It's a pretty easy game to play, but difficult to master. Here are this year's rules:

1) Zeroes are low.
2) My dad always starts. It is his dollar bills.
3) You must either increase the frequency of the number being played, increase the actual number or both. (i.e. Dad say "One 2". The next person says "more" than one 2; one "3", "4", etc...; OR "more" than one "3", "4", etc....
4) You have the option to pass. However, if everyone passes and it gets back to the bettor, the bettor wins all of the money of the passers.
5) If it is your turn, you can challenge the bettor. If the bettor is correct, you lose your $1. If the bettor is wrong, you win their $1.

I am sure the rules will change next year. But, this is the basics of it.