Thursday, January 29, 2009

January recap

So let's go back in time....waaaay back.....all the way to the beginning of January. January 10th to be exact. Ravens are on the television, but we were all at the house to celebrate Hanna's birthday. Hanna turned the big "OH-9"!!

So now we fast forward one week to the morning of January 17th. Hanna has been skating for 5 years and Jake has been skating for about 5 minutes. Let's see the differences:

But then came the evening of January 17th. The night when everyone came together from near and far (thanks, Ben and Kim) to celebrate mom's 60th birthday. Family, friends, good food, good stories, and wonderful gifts was all contained in a wonderful night for my mom. Love ya, mom, and so do a lot of other people who's lives you have touched. You say that you are "blessed", but it is all of us that are "blessed" by knowing you and learning from you each and everyday.

So, do you think we surprised her?

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lemony said...

Jacob fell with more grace than I ever could.