Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy belated New Year!!!!

What a wonderful time of year. Everything gets a new start. Everything that was bad from the previous year is gone. Only good things can occur in the new year. 2009 will be the best one yet and we are already off to a fast start.

My baby brother, Jeremy, celebrated a birthday on the 5th. My lovely daughter, Hanna, celebrated her 9th birthday on the 6th. My mother is getting ready to celebrate her birthday on the 16th. And, then we have my brother, Ben, with his birthday in the beginning of February. All of this after the gift giving of Hannukah. But, that was last year, we are looking ahead.

And, with that, I have an idea for 2009. Something that can help people. (Look it's a "new" me. The new sleeker, 2009 version of Mitch.) But, listen to this idea and let me know if you have any ideas on how can I get this working...

Have you ever taken your child out to a meal at one of those fancy restaurants where the kid's get their own individual menus? And as we are all aware, besides getting these menus, each child is provided with a small box or plastic pouch of crayons for minutes and minutes of enjoyment. Shortly after ordering your meal, your children continue using the crayons until the meal comes. They quickly put the crayons away and eat to their little tummies are content. The bill then comes, it is paid and you leave the restaurant. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Well, what ever happens to those poor crayons? They must have some drawing left in them. But, we will never know because the "busser" has come along and scooped them into their big plastic bin to get thrown in with the other trash.

Wouldn't it be great if these crayons could be collected and donated to someone not as fortunate to enjoy the above scenario? There has got to be a way to get this idea off the ground. So, anybody out there got any ideas?

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bobbyk said...

omg, this brought tears to my eyes. what a terrific idea. who raised this child to think of such a thing?