Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today was a good day

What do you do with two kids home on winter vacation? I know, go on a road trip. But, to where? I got it. Let's take them to someplace they could really care less about, like Salisbury, MD, the home of our beloved Salisbury University. And, so, two hours and 6 different bridges later, we pulled into what used to be a much larger parking lot outside the dorms at St Martin's and Chesapeake (corener of Camden and Rt 13). Now instead of parking lot is a new building for teacher's and technology. While all of the dormitories are the same, many academic buildings have been leveled and replaced with much larger buildings of knowledge.

After our tour of Salisbury and some souvenirs for the kids at the University Book Store, we drove where ever alumnus of Salisbury goes at least once during college (instead of classes), Ocean City. Exactly 29 miles away, this spring/summer oasis was a barren land when we got there. When we walked onto the boardwalk, the population on the entire boardwalk increased from 1 to 4. All I was hoping for was a bit of Thrasher's fries and some arcade time at Marty's Playland. Thrasher's was closed, but the arcade did not let me down. A lot of skee balls were thrown and the kids walked away with 4 or 5 pieces of boardwalk plastic momentos each.

So after Ocean City, we head back to Columbia and a surprise visit to the Tuesday night bowling league to see Tiff/mom. She was pleasantly surprised and we managed not to mess her up too bad as she bowled over her average and the team one. So, as to not press our luck, we quickly left to grab some dinner.

If this all sounds like a lot of fun, you are right. It was.

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bobbyk said...

Mitch, I was wondering what you and the kids (and Gramps) did on Wednesday? Seems there is NO mention of that day's activities.