Friday, December 19, 2008


I never really kicked this blog off right. And now that I have my own full bown domain name pointing to it (, I am in business. I used to have on a noisy server sitting in my basement. When we moved 3 years ago, there was no good place to have the server running with easy access for me (I am generally lazy), so I never turned it back on and eventually returned the server to my place of employment.

Then, through very good friends (, I stumbled across Blogger and the wheels started to turn in my head. I posted the first blog less than a month ago (while "busy" at work) and through their help got it set up with proper domain name redirection. A big shout out to the Tolens!!!!

So, what is going to be here? Well, pictures and stories about the family for one. I will also have some funny anecdotes and pictures (those will usually have a family tie-in as well). And, also, some opinions on things. I mean, that is what a blog is about. I am trying to convince Tiff to actually become a blogger on this site as well so you can get her point of view on things.

With that, much love......

Mitch (AKA Mitchy The Kid)


Unknown said...

At A Boy from the Far West.
Like what I see. You done good, kid!

wortwood said...

You definitly need to get Tiff to blog. Tell her she can post more about her boyfriend ( ).