Friday, May 29, 2009

Today could be Oriole history

The Oriole's have called up the 2008 Minor League Player of the Year, Matt Wieters, to the big league club. Tonight will be his first major league start against the Detroit Tigers. He is supposed to bat seventh.

It has been quite some time since the Oriole's have had this level of hoopla surrounding a prospect. They are expecting 40,000 in attendance tonight. Considering attendance has been around 20,000 recently, there are a lot of fans excited about Wieters. I hope he succeeds. I really do. As an Oriole fan, the years of futility are draining. I also hope that the fans are reasonable in their expectations. He has been nothing short of outstanding in the minors. But the major leagues are a different game.

Instead of giving you predictions, I will give you what I hope he will do this year. Predictions are for those that track these things and have graphs and charts to show how certain players pan out. Mine are mere guesses.

80 games (he is a catcher and the Oriole's have 110 left)
.265 batting average
14 home runs (I would have said 13, but I have some superstitions)
45 rbis

We'll see. I wish him luck and am excited to see him play. Welcome to Baltimore, Matt Wieters. You are more than welcome to come over our house anytime.

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Mitchy the Kid said...

OK, so here is his stats through today. My predictions are off, but not as much as those who had him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

50 Games
179 ABs
3 HRs
15 RBIs
.263 AVG

Good enough for the Orioles to trade Gregg Zaun and call up Chad Moeller.

Well, there is always next year (or a helluva run over the last 45 days).