Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy birthday, Jacob Dalton Kavalsky!!!

Five years ago today, Tiffany and I headed to the hospital. We had no idea what we were having, but knew we were going to love it to death. I remember vividly the scene in the delivery room when they pulled back the sheet to start the delivery and Jacob already had his head out looking around.

This past year has not been the easiest, but it has become the most rewarding. Jacob is always ahead of the game. Wondering what is next. He doesn't know the meaning of walk or slow down. It's full steam ahead for him. I'm always telling him to stop. I justify it by saying it is for his safety, but I think deep down I am jealous. Jealous of his zest for life even at five years old.

I think as I try to help Jacob grow and become a young man, that I am going to try and learn from him and become more of a kid again. We can teach each other.

I love you, Jacob. I will always love you.

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wortwood said...

Happy birthday Jacob.